From very basic to complex detailing, standard and customized auto detailing packages, to specialty services, Platinum Auto Detailing accommodates the needs of all customers.

  • Shampoo carpets and fabric upholstery , optical brightener, shampoo, used to break-down dirt and grime for optimum cleaning and restore brilliant color
  • Steam Clean carpets, floor mats, and fabric upholstery using a commercial grade vapor steamer reaching a temperature of 320 degrees.This machine not only lifts dirt and most stains, but also sanitizes.
  • Vacuum and air purge interior to loosen and remove dirt, dust particles from floor board, floor mats, seat pleats, rear shelf, and cracks and crevices.
  • Extract carpets, floor mats, and fabric upholstery using a heated carpet extractor reaching 210 degrees
  • Steam Clean and dress dashboard, gauges, cup-holders, console, air vents, pockets, crevices, and door panels.
  • Clean windows and rear view mirror using a streak free, window tint safe, glass cleaner